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The lesson we all can learn from the divorce of Brangelina

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They were Hollywood royalty but 11 years together proved to be too much for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Citing irreconcilable differences, Jolie filed for divorce stating through her lawyer it was a decision she made “for the health of the family," a family that has ballooned over the years to six children.

Despite being together for over a decade, Pitt and Jolie only got married two years ago in 2014, which was a telltale sign for trouble, according to child and family therapist Darby Fox.

“The marriage usually comes first because its an indication of commitment and stability and that usually is the first sign you’re going to be able to hang in there and raise a family together. “

It was after feeling pressure from - not each other - but their own children, Brangelina decided to get hitched.

“I think for Jolie and Pitt – the fact that the children were getting older and entering preadolescence and adolescence has a huge factor with making the rift much greater. “

That rift revolved around Pitt’s alleged alcohol and drug-abuse, an issue that reports say led Jolie to file for divorce and seek physical custody of all six children.

“Whether you’re married or not married, if you’re going to bring children into your relationship that children thrive on stability and consistency so whatever that takes for your relationship so you know you’re on the same page in raising them – needs to be done in advanced.

And the lesson every couple could learn from Brangelina when it comes to having children or even getting married: "It shouldn’t be that complicated, you shouldn’t have to think through so much, to get to a place where you’re satisfied and on the same page."

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