Artist shares message for thieves who took translucent child statue

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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn – There's always a show in New York City -- just take a walk around Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The first ever "Art Slope" is happening through September 25. Dozens of installations and works are setup in the neighborhood for free.

A video shows one of the last seen visuals of artwork called "Potentiality." It was in the Lake by the Boathouse.

Nick Papadakis is the artist.

"It's at least four feet deep and another three feet of muck down at the bottom," Papadakis said. "So it's not the easiest thing, you have to have some attention. It was placed 20 feet off shore in any direction."

"So the Parks Department and I, we all thought it was a good location to put it," Papadakis said smiling. "Someone must've gotten wet."

It's a life-sized statue of a boy and it weighs about more than 100 pounds. Papadakis found out through another artist on Sunday that it was swiped.

He went out to the scene and called police but then two youths carried his artwork, saying they found it in the bushes.

"It was really prank but it was sad, sad action because not only has one sculpture's been damaged but the enjoyment of countless park goers expecting to see it -- that chance has been gone for them," Papadakis said.

Even so, Papadakis understands vandalism is part of the life of a public piece.