Linden residents react to capture of alleged bomber in their town

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LINDEN, N.J. –  Hours after another pipe bomb explosion in New Jersey had the tri-state area on edge, the FBI early Monday morning released a wanted poster for Ahmad Khan Rahami.

By late Monday morning, the man authorities believe is responsible for three bomb blasts in under 48 hours was asleep in the hallway of Merdie's Tavern along Elizabeth Avenue in Linden, New Jersey.  The owner of the bar first spotted Raham. Not realizing who the person was, the owner contacted Linden police to have them moved.

Two officers arrived separately and demanded that Rahami show his hands.  In a span of seconds, Rahami grabbed what police say was an automatic handgun and struck one officer with a shot. Rahami then fled as federal and state law enforcement converged on the scene.  He did not get far and nor did it last long.  Rahami fired off a few more shots before he was hit and finally stopped in his tracks.

During the course of the afternoon, federal agents from various agencies worked the scene.  The FBI is the lead agency in an investigation that has evidence gathered from five key locations ranging from the big city to quaint suburbs.

"We know that terrorism can strike anywhere at anytime," Linden mayor Derek Armstead said.

A few blocks from where Rahami was captured, Armstead admitted that the four simple words, "see something; say something" were more significant Monday.

"It has a whole new meaning, believe me," Armstead said. "People have to. If they see something they have to say something."