See something, say something: Meet the NYer who uncovered the pressure cooker bomb

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CHELSEA, Manhattan — She's the definition of the "see something, say something" campaign.

Chelsea resident Jane Schreibman left her apartment along 27th Street Saturday evening after hearing the blast a  few blocks away on 23rd Street.

Not knowing what it was, she ventured out of her apartment to investigate. Walking south between Seventh and Sixth avenues, Schreibman came across a pot sitting on the ground. It was no ordinary pot.

"I saw the pot on the street with wires coming out of it," recalled Schreibman, telling PIX11 News she continued down the street for a bit to find out what the noise was.

After a few more steps, she turned around because she said something just didn't sit right with her about that pot.

"I know they make bombs out of pressure cookers and this was a big pot," Schreibman said. "I thought I better call 911."

Within minutes, her quiet block was flooded with law enforcement. Schreibman walked outside to find out what was going on, when a cop told her to run.

"He shouted to run and get off the block," Schreibman said.

She said she can't believe it turned out to be a bomb and said she has always been the type to see something and say something.