Howard steps in to get a special delivery at the post office

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KINGSBRIDGE, The Bronx — The old saying is that neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night will stop the mail from getting delivered.

But all it took in the Bronx was one Post Office supervisor. He refused to hand over a package for Lewis Luna even though Luna was right there in the Kingsbridge Post Office to pick it up.

The package contained Lewis’ high school diploma that his mom mailed up from Florida. And he needed it in his job hunt.

“The supervisor simply refuses to allow it without any reason,” Lewis told me.

Lewis even called the police. But the NYPD couldn’t get the supervisor, Willie Irie, to hand over the envelope. So Lewis contacted us.

What is the problem?

Lewis actually recorded his conversation with Irie. He was told his mailbox was broken. It had to be fixed or the mail couldn’t be delivered. But Lewis knew that wasn’t true. And when Irie refused to hand over the letter, Lewis told him he wanted to file a complaint. But Irie said he had the upper hand there.

“For your information that complaint comes to me!” Irie told Lewis.

Lewis’ response:

“You know I like that your smirking because I’m recording all of this and I will report this.”

So, I tried to resolve this standoff. First I told Lewis to forget the complaint. Let’s just get the envelope. That’s what he really wants.

After a brief tense exchange, the post office supervisor checked with his letter carrier about the broken mailbox. And lo and behold, he came back with the envelope.

But even then, one more issue: the envelope was addressed to Lewis’ dad. So he was the only one who could receive it. Big problem? No, we anticipated that and had Lewis’ dad come along with us on the mission.

So Lewis got his diploma and immediately put it to good use.

Within a few days he had a job at Best Buy mobile.

He’s thrilled and loves the benefits his new company offers including college tuition reimbursement.