Photo of 9/11 Tribute in Light shows mysterious figure in clouds

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. — A freelance photographer captured a photo of the 9/11 Tribute in Light from the Hoboken waterfront, but a closer look it shows a “figure” hovering in the clouds.

Richard McCormack snapped a picture of the two beams lighting up the night sky on Sept. 9, according to In the clouds where the light strikes, some say there seems to be a heavenly figure.

McCormack told that “it looks like ‘a vision of the Lord (Jesus) with his arms folded.”

He then posted the photo on his Facebook and told people to “zoom in to the top of beam” and asked if they saw something. He assured everyone that the image was not photoshopped.

“Actually looks like an angel standing on top of that being awesome,” one person wrote in a comment on McCormack’s page.

“Looking good the beam of light goes straight up BUT the moon is in line with the light beam. However I do not doubt ANGELS watches over us !!!” another wrote.

Do you see a figure in the clouds? Here’s McCormack’s photo below: