NYC’s first ever guacamole and tequila-themed restaurant opens in East Village

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EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan — Themed restaurants aren’t a new thing in the Big Apple.

From canine to ninjas, even Will Ferrell — there’s a themed joint on just about every other block.

Now it appears the “theme” gods were listening as the first-ever guacamole and tequila-themed eatery opens up on the Lower East Side on what just happens to be National Guacamole Day fittingly called “Guac Tacos & Tequila.”

“When I decided to do the Mexican restaurant I wanted to do a little catch to it, you know a little twist,” Vincent Sgarlato told PIX11 News. “We started to work on getting in different amount of guacs, it was very much a natural [thing] and when we started doing them — we came up with 11.”

Eleven amazing guacamole options take charge of the menu at the Avenue B Mexican restaurant opened by Sgarlato earlier this month.

“The most popular ones are the bacon, the mango, the scampi,” he revealed.

Not to be outdone, the drink menu offers up 10 types of tequila that are blended in an array of margaritas and cocktails.

Some Mexican favorites like fajitas, burritos and tacos are also on deck, if guac and tequila isn’t your thing — which most likely ISN’T the case.

Guac Tacos & Tequila is located on 179 Avenue B between E. 11th and E. 12th streets.

For more information, to see the menu and upcoming promotions visit their site.