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Colorado dog recovering after eating heroin tossed by suspected drug dealer

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DENVER, Colo. — A golden retriever is one of the latest victims of the heroin trade in Denver.

Officers were on patrol Tuesday when they spotted a suspected drug dealer, who ran and was caught shortly after, according to the Denver Police Department. Police arrested Christian Manuel Ramirez in the incident, PIX11 affiliate KDVR reported.

Police arrested Christian Ramirez on suspicion of dealing drugs, including the heroin that the dog ate. (KDVR)

Police arrested Christian Ramirez on suspicion of dealing drugs, including the heroin that the dog ate. (KDVR)

Police were retracing Ramirez's steps when someone from Bark & Play doggy day care approached them.

Garrett Bishop, who owns Bark & Play, said about 17 bags were found in the yard, but workers didn't know what was in them.

"Luckily, my employees are right on top of it and within 10 seconds of seeing a foreign object on the ground they were on it," Bishop said. "They are the reason these dogs are safe."

But there were 14 dogs in the yard at the time and despite the quick response by employees, at least two dogs got into the bags.

A golden retriever named Charlie ate one of them.

"(We) had to take one dog to the emergency room and induce vomiting on another," Bishop said.

Charlie's owner told KDVR she couldn't believe it when she got the news from Bishop.

"My heart skipped a beat," said Laura, who did not want her last name used. "They said 'Charlie ate a bag of heroin and she’s at the vet,' and I thought, 'You have to be kidding me, that’s ridiculous."

"Her eyes were kind of clouded over, she didn’t have any energy she looked really sick," Laura said. "I don’t know how much heroin she ingested or the potency of heroin or the effects of heroin on dogs, so I was really worried that she could die."

Charlie was rushed to a veterinary emergency room and ended up needing drugs to counteract the effects of the heroin and IVs.

"She was really drugged up, really out of it. But I was really happy she was alive," Laura said. "It affected my dog today but it could have been someone’s kid."

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