‘Horrendous’: Hundreds of pigeons found inside Long Island home

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MERRICK, N.Y. — Hundreds of pigeons were rescued Thursday from a Long Island home, the doors of which could barely open because of how much bird droppings were on the floor, authorities said.

"Every time we go somewhere, we think we've seen it all. This is horrendous," said Gary Rogers, spokesman for the Nassau County SPCA. "You can't even walk around the house. You can't open the doors because of all the pilings of bird droppings."

More than 2 feet of bird droppings and seeds covered the floors, Rogers said.

It's unclear what prompted officials to respond to the home at 2071 Abbot Ave. in Merrick, but when they arrived, they found some 350 free-flying pigeons inside, including newly hatched birds.

The man who lived at the home was carried away in a stretcher, his body and head covered in sheets exposing only his face. An oxygen mask covered his mouth.

He was taken to a hospital in unknown condition, Rogers said. The reason he was brought to the hospital was not revealed.

Animal control officials are now tasked with capturing each bird, all of which were loose in the house. Rodgers said they'll likely "be there for a couple hours."

Nelson Cohen lives in the neighborhood. He shared with PIX 11 News how he noticed signs in Unruh beginning to be slightly off the last time he was in the home approximately four years ago. Adding, he never expected it would take this long for officials to step in.

"I thought it was harmless but not right, something was amiss but didn't think it would take this long," Cohen said.