Second threat made to shoot up New Jersey high school

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LIVINGSTON, N.J. – Livingston High School in New Jersey received another round of scary threats on social media, prompting school officials to open it late Tuesday.

Messages read "I feel like killing people" and "I'm sorry I have to do this. If you don't want to die don't come to school" appeared in a student's name.  Investigators said the threats did not appear credible.

"It's definitely a scary situation," one mother told PIX11 News. "It is very scary to think that this could happen in our town, in our school, to our children."

The first threat was posted Sunday night, provoking  concern among parents.

Some parents aren't taking any chances, keeping their kids home Monday and Tuesday. One parent said her children walked into classroom and found only three other students there.

These moms say this may have been a case of bullying that got out of control.

"I feel bad for the girl who got hacked and the bullying that was involved was awful," a mother said.

Every student was checked as they walked in Tuesday. Only one door was open, the rest of the school was locked down.

A spokesperson for the Livingston School District said they took extra precautions despite the treat not being credible.

Police were stationed outside the school overnight and Tuesday night was supposed to be a back-to-school night.

Hoax threats like this have been plaguing schools in New York, New Jersey and across the country.

"Unfortunately it is widespread, but I think that if the kids stay vigilant and the parents stay vigilant and they to the kids when they get home, if they know something, say something," a former police officer told PIX11.

The Essex County Prosecutors' Officer is investigating the matter.

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