Howard helps little boy mourning his four-legged best friend

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WOODBRIDGE, N.J. — Seven-year-old Stephen Nolan has been pretty down lately.

His beloved white Maltese Brittany died last month. The circumstances are pretty odd. Steven’s family had a flood in their home. The insurance company put them up at a Residence Inn in Woodbridge, New Jersey. It’s dog friendly. They were only staying one night and as they were going out to dinner the maid came by.

“And she told me don’t worry uh you know don’t worry about anything, “ Stephen’s dad, also named Stephen, told us. “The dog’s fine and everything’s fine. I’ll take care of everything. By the time the dinner came to the able I got the phone call saying that the dog was hit by a car and killed.”

Little Stephen was beside himself.

“I was crying my eyes out,” he explained in his mature beyond his years way. “Every time I was sick she would always care and give me little kisses…She really loved me.”

Angela Nolan, Stephen’s mom, just wanted the hotel to take some responsibility.

“My son has ADHD. This dog was like a therapeutic dog for my son. She was very good with my son…Apologize to my son for what they did to my son…I just want them to give him another dog.”

Angela says she wasn’t getting anywhere with the hotel. So the family got in touch with us.

The Residence Inn in Woodbridge is franchise. The brand is owned by Marriott. So we got in touch with Marriott at the corporate level and we included a photo of Stephen and Brittany.

The folks at Marriott got the point. Within a couple of weeks Stephen had a brand new Maltese the family named Marshal. And Marriott reimbursed them for the cost of the dog and vet bills.

Stephen is smiling again.

Thanks to the Marriott Corp. for having a heart.