Summer 2016 was New York’s safest in more than 20 years, officials say

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Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced plans to leave the NYPD. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

This summer was the safest in New York City on record, officials said Tuesday. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

NEW YORK — This summer has been the safest in the city in more than 20 years, despite seven homicides over the weekend, officials said Tuesday.

Major violent crimes and robberies are down 5.6 percent from June, July and August 2015, police said. The crime rate hasn’t been this low since the NYPD began tracking crimes with CompStat in 1994 when Bill Bratton first served as commissioner.

“From 1994 to the present so much has changed. And this progress has been sustained,” Mayor de Blasio said. “For 22 straight years we’ve been moving in the right direction – always, always more work to do, never a question about that, but for 22 years moving in the right direction.”

Shootings were down 3.5 percent compared to last summer, officials said. Robberies are down 10 percent. There have been 100 homicides in the city over the last three months. It’s not the lowest rate the city has seen, but it is close.

“We know there’s a lot more work to do,” de Blasio said. “We, literally, do not accept a single homicide, a single shooting as acceptable. And therefore we’ve got our work cut out for us going forward to continue this progress to make sure all our neighbors are safe, to make sure people feel safe.”

Overall crime is down two percent compared to this period last year, police said. Shootings and homicides are down more than four percent and nearly 14 percent, respectively, for the first eight months of the year.

Tuesday’s crime briefing was Bratton’s last. He plans to step down later this month.

“Summer 2016 is the safest in the last 20-some-odd years,” Bratton said. “So, I am leaving as I began; with very good crime numbers.”

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