Back-to-college season poses difficulties for parents dealing with ’empty nests’

Posted: 1:16 PM, Sep 06, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-06 13:16:22-04

NEW YORK — Classes will get underway at schools across the tri-state area this week.

But for hundreds of thousands of college students, school is already in session. They've already moved into their dorms and freshmen are getting a taste of living on their own for the first time.

The college season can also be hard on parents, who now have to adapt to not having their kids at home.

Deborah Carr a sociology professor at Rutgers University, has some tips for parents dealing with the "empty nest" when their child goes off to their freshman year of college.

  • Be honest with your kids. Let them know it's a hard transition for everyone. Tell them you'll miss them and give them a heads up that you might call a little too much during the first month.
  • Be careful though — don't show them you're too sad. If you get too emotional, it could make the adjustment harder and your kids will want to come home every weekend.
  • Look at the bright side. Take pride in the fact that you have a child in college. Congrats!