Upper West Side woman celebrates 103rd birthday

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UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan — Miss B, otherwise known as Beatrice Mosley, is 103 years young - not a wrinkle anywhere, with a clear mind and a wonderful philosophy of life.

"Just be good to everyone," Mosley told PIX11. "Don't be ugly to anyone and satisfy everybody. That's all I can say."

Miss B has lived in the same apartment in the Frederick Douglass Houses on the Upper West Side since 1969. She moved to the city from South Carolina where she was born in 1913.

She celebrated her birthday with her 75-year-old daughter and her two loving granddaughters, who dote on her every word.

"It's not everyday that you have someone so loving, sharing, unconditional," Alisha Simmons, one of her granddaughters, told PIX11. "She will never judge you."

Miss B's daughter, Joanna Mosley, always thought she had lots of brothers and sisters when she was little because her mother was "always taking care of all the neighborhood children."

Helping others seems to be a family trait, said Dree-el Simmons, another of Miss B's granddaughters.

"It seems to run in our genes," Simmons said "Good heart, good spirit, good looks. It's a family trait."

At the ripe old age of 97, the bed-bound Miss B decided she wanted to practice Buddhism. She converted and now practices with a friend.

"She is like the sun," Victoria Constan, her Buddhist friend told PIX11. "She is peaceful, cheerful, friendly, stunning, really beautiful, a really wonderful person."

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