When should kids get their first cellphone, first job, go on a date?

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As a parent you may look forward to your child's firsts -- first steps, first word, first tooth, but what about other firsts, like your child's first phone??

A new study by the Harris Poll asked American adults and teens to give their input on what would be a good age for a kid to get his or her first cell phone.

On average, the poll determined that age 14 is when kids should get a cellphone, although the study found that younger kids said they needed them at 13.

Other milestones like wearing makeup? On average most agreed that a child should be nearly 15 years old.

Sixteen is the age that Americans across generations feel that kids are ready for a date, sans chaperone, but also agreed that 15 is an appropriate age to experience that first kiss.

The poll ranked other firsts like receiving an allowance, going to a sleep over, and even seeing an R-rate movie.

More than 2400 adults and teens took the survey between July 14 and July 27.

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