SEE IT: Dashcam captures ‘near-death experience’ on Wantagh Parkway

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WANTAGH, N.Y. — It was an extremely close call on the Wantagh Parkway as a driver, their dashcam rolling, was traveling along the highway when all of a sudden headlights come into focus.


Steven Buchbinder and his wife Leslie were driving south about 10 p.m. Aug. 26 on the Wantagh Parkway.

“The camera was rolling when my wife and I almost lost our lives driving home, this past Friday night. Thankful to be alive,” the driver wrote in the caption of a video posted to YouTube called “DashCam Near-Death Experience.”

They were driving along the dark highway when they encountered a wrong-way driver, heading north on the southbound side.

It is unknown how the driver ended up on the wrong side of the highway and police weren’t able to find the wrong-way driver.

Nobody was hurt.