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Back-to-school aromatherapy

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Using oils for cosmetics and perfumes is a common practice — but those same oils are now being used to help us heal and boost our immune system.

Essential oils can even be used to help ease the stress of starting school, executing a traditional twist that is quickly becoming modern medicine.

Gina Flores, aromatherapy expert, has some tips on her website about using essential oils. Flores has also written a children’s book about essential oils called, "Faith and the Fragrance Fairy."

Flores warns that essential oils should never be directly applied to the skin. In some cases, they are toxic and can cause a severe reaction.

If you’re a new mom and have a colicky baby and can’t get the baby to sleep, Flores advises taking one or two drops of lavender essential oil and Jojoba Oil, and placing those essential oil drops on the back of the baby's neck. The baby gets those diffused inhalations of essential oils and will relax.

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