Police develop DNA profile in killing of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano

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NEW YORK — NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce announced two developments into the mystery killing of Karina Vetrano on Monday.

"A DNA profile was developed from three parts of the investigation," said Boyce.

Boyce stating the DNA profile was captured on Vetrano's phone, neck and other body parts after the 30-year-old found was dead in a park in Howard Beach earlier this month.

Boyce also announced there were no hits on the DNA nationwide but also stressed there are a few reasons as to why as this was the case.

"Now that code database that we use for DNA, was only formulated in 1998, so that person might have been in jail prior to that so we are looking at that end of the investigation right now." Boyce described it as an "undertaking" and added that the door is open on someone who is younger and had not done jail time as potentially being involved.

As white ribbons of hope and rewards signs continue to hang throughout Howard Beach, residents expressed their concerns over a killing that remains unsolved.

"I have little girls, grandchildren living with me and my son, he's worried, I'm worried," said Sal Aglialoro as he worked on his yard.

A resident of the area for only three years, Aglialoro says he was happy to see the city on Tuesday morning finally cut down some the grass across from his home as well as the NYPD's installation of surveillance cameras but he added, "It's great but a little too late."

Chief Boyce announced on Tuesday that a man viewed by some as a potential person of interest, a neighborhood jogger, was interviewed in the 106th Precinct on Monday and ruled out as a suspect immediately.