Howard delivers on Sears TV deal

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QUEENS -- Roberta Klein of Queens found the TV of her dreams at Sears. She saved and waited for the big 4th of July sale so she could save $400 and also get a stand, sound bar, and 3-year warranty.

She went over to the Kings Plaza store and says she spent five hours having the manager help her place the online order.

But she had a limit on her Sears charge card. And the process wouldn’t allow her to use multiple sources. So Roberta says the manager had her purchase gift cards to use in the transaction. She was a little confused but very excited to have her TV deal of a lifetime.

But no one called her to set up an installation appointment. So she called Sears.

“When I called the installation department, they said we’re so sorry your order’s been cancelled! I said what! I was in the store for about 5 hours with the store manager, until he picked out this package, until I got the whole order!”

Then she couldn’t even get a full refund. So Roberta called us.

We got right in touch with Sears. And to their credit, they put someone on this to straighten things out. Not only did Roberta get her TV with all the extras but Sears threw in some bonus items for her troubles.

We came over to see the installation for ourselves, ably handled by Pedro the installer.

“I’m speechless! I just thought I’d never see this day coming,” Roberta told me.

And I had a clever response, “Now you can watch PIX11 news tonight! Plug! Plug!”