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New Yorkers celebrate ‘National Dog Day’ with new pet-friendly law

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NEW YORK -- Every dog has its day.

It's a dogs life here at Vero café.

They were putting on the dog with their canine customers, serving sliced chicken, doggy pizza, meatballs and mini hamburgers, all to celebrate National Dog Day and the change in New York State law that allows restaurants to actually serve and charge dogs, or their owners, for food served to dogs in their sidewalk cafés.

"We're eating outside with our dogs today to celebrate National Dog Day," Jean Shafiroff, a pet philanthropist, told PIX11. "We are only the second state, after California, to pass a law to allow dogs to eat at sidewalk cafes."

Since the owner of Vero Cafe started serving food for dogs, business has picked up."

"Business is up 30 percent," Sammy Musovic, Vero cafe owner, told PIX11.

Some dogs dressed in black tie for the doggy feast. But others, like Baba, a 3-year-old Shih Tsu mix just wore her "adopt me" vest.

"I don't know if she has every eaten this well before," Alexandra Silver, a spokeswoman for Animal Care Center of NYC, told PIX11. "But she is available."

And after so much chowing down, time for the doggie treadmill, obstacle course or a $200 a night suite at D-Pet Hotels in Chelsea.

"We have a five star chef, luxury suites, no kennels or cages and even a gym called Pant," Kerry Brown, co owner of D-Pets Hotels, told PIX11.

But back on the Upper East Side, where there are said to be more than 40-thousand dogs, some owners said they prefer their for legged friends above everyone else.

"The dogs are healthier than a lot of people here," Claude Kolb, a dog owner said. And with that, his beautiful English Bull Dog planted a big wet lick on this reporter's cheek.

Happy National Dog Day everyone!