Utility worker’s submerged photo goes viral

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HOOD COUNTY, Texas – This is one dedicated utility worker.

When Andrea Adams saw a water main break near her driveway last week, she had no idea she would end up snapping a photo that would wow viewers across the Internet.

A utility worker from the Acton Municipal Utility District tried his hardest to stop the flow outside her home, going so far as to submerge himself waist deep and upside down in the muddy water.

“When I walked back outside, the kid was in there,” Adams told WFAA.

That “kid” is Jimmie Cox. He’s just as surprised by the attention he’s received as Adams was to find him underwater.

“In this line of work, people do it a lot,” the 23-year-old told WFAA.

He said he took the call to pick up overtime.