Retired DOC captain sues NYPD to repair backyard torn up during search for alleged cop killer

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QUEENS VILLAGE, Queens — She says police tore up parts of her home and backyard during a search for a suspect and she's been left no choice but to sue in order to get the NYPD to make the situation right.

Margaret Thevinin, 62, was on vacation in North Carolina in May of last year when investigators searched her backyard and garage for Demetrius Blackwell, suspected of shooting NYPD Detective Brian Moore a block or so away.

The highly decorated and well-liked detective died from his injuries, and investigators searched extensively for evidence in Thevinin's yard, which is less than 150 feet from where cops caught Blackwell.

"It was like a hurricane came through my house and I'm just standing there like, oh, wow," she said.

Thevinin said she understands the search had to be done. She supervised some herself during her more than 20 years as a captain with the city's Department of Correction.

She said she wants the local precinct to keep its word that it would right what was wrong.

"You say you're doing things to make the community trust," she told PIX11 News. "A step for trust is compensation for my pool and acknowledgement this was done."

The NYPD said this is a matter for the city's law department. It, in turn, said that it cannot comment on pending litigation.