LI artist covers wall with Pokemon, inspirational messages

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GREENLAWN, N.Y. — An artist is bringing messages of peace, unity and safety to one Long Island community through Pokemon.

Andaluz The Artist is a self-proclaimed gamer who was inspired by the widespread craze of Pokemon Go.

He decided to paint a giant mural, full of 151 first generation Pokemon characters and inspirational messages sprinkled throughout.

"I've been waiting to paint the side of the building and wasn't sure what to do," Andaluz told Patch. "It was the perfect opportunity."

Andaluz wanted the 25-by-50 foot mural to give a positive message to children.

"You can do anything you want to do if you work hard at it, if you're persistent," he said.

Among the Pokemon characters are messages like, "Don't Do Drugs," "Don't Pokemon Go and Drive," and "Save the Earth."

Andaluz spent 10 days creating the mural. Fans from all over New York City and Long Island have come to check it out.

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