How to advance your career

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No matter where you are in your career, Jeanie Ahn from Yahoo Finance  says these five things can help advance it.

#1 Make new contacts outside of work

Join professional associations for early access to email listings with jobs, networking events, and new mentors (you can never have enough)

Use LinkedIn to connect

#2 Continue to build your network within your current company

Set a goal to make at least 5 new contacts each quarter

Attend and actively participate in company-wide meetings

Ask your manager or mentor to help you establish new relationships

Don’t forget to keep in touch with former colleagues, too

#3 Ask for feedback all the time

Not just quarterly, or annually, but after meetings, presentations, etc.

Not just from your boss, but your peers and those you manage, too

Be specific with your questions instead of asking for general feedback

#4 Keep your online profile up to date

It’s more important than your resume because recruiters will always check online first

Immediately add new skills or recent projects, especially if you’re a freelancer

#5 Don’t stop learning

Find out about classes or courses through your company. If they don't offer one, find a class you want to attend and ask your manager for approval

Earn new credentials and skills through sites like or Treehouse

    • o Both offer free trial periods
    • o For $25 a month, you have access to thousands of video tutorials
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