WATCH: Adorable baby sea lions born at the Bronx Zoo

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BRONX — Two baby sea lions are swimming around the Bronx Zoo.

The pups, California sea lions, were born in June and made their public debut Friday, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced.

The babies share a father, Clyde. One pup, a baby boy, was born to Indy. Zoo officials have not yet determined the gender of the baby born to Margaretta.

Neither pup has been named yet. Their father Clyde came to the New York from Oregon in 2013. These are his first offspring since moving to the city.

California sea lions, which live along the west coast of North America from Mexico up to Alaska, are not endangered and live in healthy populations. Sea lion enthusiasts can see them at the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo and Queens Zoo.

Baby sea lion pups weigh an average of 13 to 20 pounds and are about 3 feet long at birth, according to the National Park Service. The male sea lions grow considerably more than the females — 8 feet long to the female’s 6 feet. Adult males also weigh about 600 pounds — nearly three times as much as adult females.

California sea lions eat smelt, squid, codfish and rockfish, according to the Park Service. The stomach of an average California sea lion also contains as many as 100 pieces of gravel-sized rocks. Scientists and zoologists are unsure what the rocks are used for, but believe they are used to ease hunger pains during mating periods.

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