Yellow lobster named Miss Ruby pardoned from NYC restaurant for rare coloring

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FLATIRON DISTRICT, Manhattan — Have you ever seen a yellow lobster?

Meet Ruby, the crustacean sensation, with such an unusual color that the restaurant, Burger and Lobster has given her a pardon.

"This yellow lobster will live forever and ever," Steven Costello, the U.S. Operations Manager for Burger and Lobster told PIX11. "They don't really have a life expectancy."

Ruby is a rarity. There are only about one in 30 million lobsters share this yellow hue.

It's a genetic mutation and that's why Burger and Lobster decided to pardon Miss Ruby, sparing her the fate of so many other of her colleagues.

"When we got our shipment from Nova Scotia, we saw her unusual color and gave her a pardon," Costello said.

"She looks like a cooked lobster walking around," Danny Lee, Burger and Lobster chef, told PIX11. "I couldn't cook her."

Ruby weighs about 1.5 pounds and is believed to be around 5 or 6 years old.

Besides her rare color, she has an even rarer feisty personality, fascinating the diners.

Lobsters are so unusual. They have self-repairing DNA, Regenerate limbs, have no fat.

And most unusual, they mate for life.

While PIX11 was filming at the Flatiron restaurant, Ruby got the call.

She will be going to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead where she will live on and on forever and ever and the great thing is she won't age because lobsters don't.