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Hit-and-run victim of alleged killer of two Muslim men thankful his crash helped police

Posted at 6:01 AM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 12:07:58-04

OZONE PARK, Queens – David Hunter said he had a close brush with death Saturday evening but Tuesday night told PIX11 when he woke up in the hospital, he had no idea the man who nearly killed him was wanted for the execution style murders of two Muslim men.

Hunter is a survivor. He was on his bike in Brooklyn when a driver hit him and took off.

"I thought I was done," Hunter said.

Hunter woke up dazed and confused in the hospital. Now, he's barely able to walk.

"I appreciate God giving me another chance to survive," he said.

David's ordeal helped the NYPD capture the city's most wanted man over the weekend. Detectives believe before Oscar Morel hit Hunter's bike, he shot two beloved imams.

Evidence in Hunter's hit-and-run was a big break in the case.

"I'm really happy I'm the reason we catch him," Hunter said. "Because I can't understand the psychology of the killer."

On Monday night, Morel was arrested and charged. The 35-year-old was in Queens Criminal Court Tuesday arraigned on first-degree murder. Judge denied him bail in the case.

The son of one of the murdered imams did not ease his pain.

"I'm feeling very, very sad," he said.

Detectives found the gun used in the double slaying in a sealed compartment in Hunter's home. Police still don't know what led to the killings.

"He left broken families, broken hearts, broken children," Hunter said.

Hunter said he thinks Morel hit him on purpose after they made eye-contact. Morel continued to drive forward, made a U-turn and hit him at a high-rate of speed, according to Hunter.