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EXCLUSIVE: Accused masturbator in viral subway encounter may be repeat offender

Posted at 6:57 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 18:57:56-04

NEW YORK — It’s the subway encounter that went viral where a suspected pervert is busted in the middle of an apparent lewd act.

The man was scolded by grandmother, and now-internet hero, Deanna Carter, who exclusively shared her story with PIX11.

“He’s actually touching himself and I’m saying is he really doing this right now?” she said. “There’s a train full of people and there’s children on the train.”

Her outrage was seen and felt across social media after she shared the video now seen over 2 million times.

For PIX11 viewer Nicole De'Chabert, it was déjà vu when she saw our report, immediately recognizing the suspect.

“When I looked very closely I said that’s the image of the same guy I’ve seen many months ago over the holiday season,” she said in an interview Wednesday.

Back on December 16 of 2015, De'Chabert captured a man on video in the same act aboard a Manhattan-bound 2 train. The man was wearing the same glasses and concealing himself with the exact same bag.

“I recorded him without him noticing and I [saw him] fondling himself towards a young girl,” she recalled.

“This girl looked like a baby not more than 19 years old and you know I felt scared, like I hope this guy doesn’t follow her home or anything like that.”

What De'Chabert failed to do was report the incident to authorities, only posting the video on Facebook in an effort to warn female friends.

Eight months later, Carter’s heroic shaming of the man left its mark on the Bronx mother.

“He needs to be found honestly because I feel like he’s not in the right state of mind and he’s capable of doing anything,” she said. “If he’s willing to fondle himself in front of New York City, it’s [likely he’ll do] something else.”

NYPD Commissioner Bratton reacted to the viral confrontation Wednesday, saying he doesn't encourage people to “self engage.”

He maintains if they see something, they should most certainly say something to authorities.

The New York Police Department is now looking into both incidents captured on video, trying to determine both women's accounts, of whether it is indeed the same man.