Comedian highlights discarded fruit on ‘Bananas of New York’ website

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NEW YORK — Have you ever noticed banana peels are everywhere on the streets of New York? Vincent Moore has for years.

The comedian starting pictures of them a couple of years ago.

"Their bright color kind of caught my attention," he said.

Moore amassed a collection of banana pictures. But he couldn't quite figure out what to do with them.

"I will be walking down the street and they will catch my eye and they'll be in the position they are in, in those pictures," Moore said.

Then it hit him. The "Humans of New York" website was a perfect model to follow. Except his would be called "Bananas of New York."

"I kind of wanted to use that as a vehicle for this banana thing just because I feel like the bananas themselves have a lot of personality," Moore said.

And so this week he launched the website. One banana is smoking. Another hides from his wife on the subway. And an apple reminds us that it is not a banana.

Yes, Moore finds stories in discarded fruit.

It may sound a bit silly, but we watched New Yorkers sitting in Bryant Park read it for the first time. A smile and chuckle weren't far behind. "It's funny. It's very cool," Olivia Curcio said.

Long Island City resident Kate Tobin said, "I think it's kinda funny. Brings a little humor to something that's kind of everyday normal."

You can see New Yorker's littered fruit at

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