Car crash victim robbed by fake ‘Good Samaritan’ in Astoria

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ASTORIA, Queens – This is not the side of New York City that's talked about over at the tourism bureau – a college student was robbed by someone posing as Good Samaritan after a minor crash.

Atef Chisty, 21, lost control of his vehicle in Astoria, Queens over a residential speed bump and rolled his car onto its roof.

It's what happened in the moments right the harrowing crash on 48th Street on early Saturday that still has Chisty shaking his head in disbelief.

"I always live by the idea that you do good to people even if they do harm to you," Chisty said. "At the end of the day you don't want to. You just want them to learn a lesson."

Instead of helping Chisty out of his flipped vehicle, an eyewitness decided to steal his cellphone, laptop, wallet and book bag with his studying materials before running off before an ambulance arrived.

"The best thing is for him to go home and realize he did something wrong," Chisty said. "That could happen to him too."

A mechanical engineering major and  junior at City College was looking for parking so he could wake up early to perform morning prayers at his local mosque. He just finished a night of volunteer work, serving meals to the homeless. He knows fatigue was a factor when he woke up upside down.

The victim's father, Sharfuddin Chisty, is furious at what happened to his son.

"When [these] people tried to help him, it's not helping,"  he said.

Chisty's parents, hard-working people from Bangladesh, are looking at the big picture that their son survived with a few bumps and bruises.