Video shows police officers punching man pinned down at Bronx McDonald’s

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Warning: Video contains violent footage that may be disturbing to some.

THE BRONX -- A shocking video has surfaced that shows two police officers and a bystander holding down a man while one of the officers punches and knees him in the face inside of a Bronx McDonald's.

The video appeared on Instagram Friday, but the incident happened earlier this year on May 4.

Police say that around 1:45 p.m. two detectives from the Manhattan Warrants Section saw 26-year-old Darnell Simmons, who was wanted on a parole warrant and for a series of burglaries in Manhattan and the Bronx.

As detectives approached the man on Eastchester Road in the Bronx to take him into custody, police say he assaulted the officers, breaking the nose of one of the detectives.

A violent struggle ensued for more than five minutes. During this time, a third man, a bystander, came to the assistance of the police officers.

A crowd gathered around the chaos and began yelling for the officers to stop.

"Stop hitting him, why are you hitting him? That don't make no sense," one woman yells out in the video.

The bystander who is helping to hold the man down responds, "If he stops fighting, I won't hit him."

As two of the men hold hold the suspect down, a third man, one of the officers is seen repeatedly punching the man's face.

Simmons was then placed into custody and transported to Jacobi Medical Center with minor injuries.

The two detectives were also transported to Jacobi Medical Center with several injuries, including a broken nose, two herniated disks, a torn ligament, and other injuries. One of the detectives required stitches.

The issue at the time was referred to the Civilian Complaint Review Board for review and was subsequently closed, authorities say.

Following the release of the video, the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting a further review of the incident.

PIX11's Ayana Harry and Myles Miller contributed to this report.