Stand-up comedian tells Howard his unjust bust was no joke

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NEW YORK — Carlo Bellario can finally laugh again.

The New Jersey-based standup comic has had some scrapes with the law. But nothing like this before.

PIX11 News first told you about his problem back in January. Last year he’d taken a non-paying role in a low budget movie. He was playing a tough guy and waving a gun out of a car as they drove in Woodbridge. But the producers never got the necessary permits and never told the police.

Bellario got busted and faced serious time because he had priors.

He contacted PIX11 News to shed some light on his story. Prosecutors offered a deal but it involved prison. Bellario said no way. He’d take his chances at trial.

But his lawyer prevailed on him. The attorney negotiated with prosecutors. Bellario took a deal for three years of probation. No time behind bars. He doesn’t like it because he’s certain no jury would convict him.

But he can go on with is life, so he’s glad it’s over.

Back in January I tried contacting the producer, a guy named Andre Joseph, to see why he’d abandoned his actor. He never responded to my contacts, but he may have to respond to Bellario. He says he plans to sue over the incident.