PIX Financial Fix: Getting selected to live in one of the city’s affordable housing units

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Finding affordable housing in New York is like finding a needle in a haystack but Margaret Brown, with the city's housing department, has insider tips on how to make it a little easier.

  1.  The Housing Connect website. Our advice is sign up for an account and get started applying. Click here to do that.
  2. These offer lots of information about particular affordable housing developments and apartments in those developments and who is eligible to apply to the lottery. Also, links to flyers with easy steps for applying and even the month a person can expect to move in if they do win the lottery:
    1. Bronx
    2. Brooklyn
    3. Press release announcing affordable apartments financed under this Administration’s Housing New York plan to build and preserve 200,000 affordable apartments in  10 years. The release shows that in 2.5 years, the City has financed an impressive total--53,000 affordable homes so far:  http://www1.nyc.gov/site/hpd/about/press-releases/2016/07/07-26-16.page