Harlem grandmother with ALS stuck in her walk-up

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HARLEM — A 53-year-old grandmother diagnosed with ALS said she needs to move out of her fifth floor walk-up apartment.

Unable to climb stairs because of her illness, a progressive nervous system disease that weakens her muscles, Kim Martin, from Harlem, called PIX11 News for help.

"I cant do it," Martin said, breaking down, unable to even stand up.

She was diagnosed in October 2015.

Martin's daughter said ever since, it's been a daily struggle for her mother simply to walk and now she's stuck in her apartment.

PIX11 News reached out the Housing Preservation and Development, the agency that runs the building. A spokesperson said they immediately reached out to the family and is working to move her as soon as possible.

PIX11 News also contacted the ALS Association of Greater New York and they are looking into helping her as well.

We'll stay on this story and make sure she gets the help she needs.