SI family asks for Arnold’s help getting money back from unlicensed contractor

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STATEN ISLAND — Irini Bekhit needed work done on the new co-op she and her husband bought on Staten Island.

She thought she did her homework by checking out contractors.

She had gone on the site ‘Home Advisor’ that promises they do that.

The site claims they check companies for licensing. They also check for any civil judgements against the contractor.

“It was going to be time efficient for me so I don’t have to go and look at the background and check these guys out.,” said Irini.

That proved to be a very costly mistake.

The contractor she hired after consulting Home Advisor, was Christopher Fulco from GlobePro Restoration in Staten Island.

“He was very excited,” explained Irini. “He said he could start right away. I asked him, because it’s a co-op, licensed? Insured? Yes.”

They signed a contract for $11,800. Irini put down a deposit for $4,800.

Fulco was supposed to show up June 4th to start the work. He never did.

“Every week it was a different excuse as to why he couldn’t start,” said Irini.

Irini is an attorney so she started doing some checking of her own.

“He’s not a licensed contractor. The insurance he gave Home Advisor is not his own, it’s another company.”

When PIX11 reached Chris Fulco by phone, he admitted GlobePro Restoration is not licensed but he’s applied for one.

There’s also a long list of outstanding liens and judgements against him. Fulco says he’s working on resolving them.

Home Advisor claims they didn’t find any of that when they did their background check.

They did refer Irini to the fine print on their website where it says their search for judgements is limited to those within the past twelve months, only in the one state where the contractor lives, and only those judgements considered ‘significant’.

Irini wants her money back.

Fulco says he’s working on it.

Home Advisor has assigned a customer solutions specialist to try to get Irini’s money back.

What a shame.