Queens victim wants alleged attacker charged with hate crime

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QUEENS -- Gazi Rahman immigrated to the United States and to Queens 18 years ago from Bangladesh. He is married with two children, ages 8 and 3.

Never, he says, in his time here has the 45-year-old felt unsafe for himself or his family, until now.

On May 7, Rahman said he believes he became the victim of a hate crime.

As he walked down Hillside Avenue, near Parsons Boulevard, Rahman says he was approached by 39-year-old Christopher Porr. Rahman says Porr demanded money from him and when he didn't get it, Rahman was punched.

The altercation was all caught on NYPD surveillance cameras and were obtained by Rahman's attorney.

"When he punched me he said f****ing Indian," said Rahman.

Several witnesses claim to have heard the same racial epithets, each is why they are now demanding Porr be charged with a hate crime. At the time of the assault, NYPD officers arrested both Porr and Rahman and charged both with third degree assault.

Witnesses also say Rahman was badly bruised and bloodied from the attack.

Ali Najmi- Rahman's attorney- maintains his client was wrongfully arrested.

Last week he says he was told by the Queen's District Attorney's office charges against Rahman would be dropped. But on Monday Najmi, Rahman and several members of the South Asian community say that's not enough and are demanding Porr be charged more harshly.

The Queens District Attorney's office says they are reviewing the allegations. PIX11 attempted to reach out to Porr, but did not receive a response to our request for comment.