Complete list of 46 suspected members of NYC crime families arrested

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NEW YORK — Forty-six suspected members of infamous New York City mob families were arrested Thursday in a multi-state bust, according to the FBI on Thursday.

Those arrested include members of four of the five major Italian mafia families of organized crime in New York City: Genovese, Luchese, Gambino and Bonanno; and the alleged head of the Philadelphia mob.

This is a complete list of the 46 people arrested:

  • Pasquale Parrello, aka "Patsy," aka "Pat"
  • Joseph Merlino, aka "Joey"
  • Eugene O'Nofrio, aka "Rooster"
  • Conrad Ianniello
  • Israel Torres, aka "Buddy"
  • Anthony Zinzi, aka "Anthony Boy"
  • Anthony Vazzano, aka "Tony the Wig," aka "Muscles"
  • Alex Conigliaro
  • Frank Barbone
  • Ralph Balsamo
  • Pasquale Maiorino, aka "Patty Boy"
  • John Spirito, aka "Johnny Joe"
  • Vincent Casablanca, aka "Vinny"
  • Marco Minuto
  • Paul Cassano, aka "Paul Cassone"
  • Daniel Marino, Jr., aka "Danny"
  • John Lembo, aka "Johnny"
  • Mitchell Fusco, aka "Mitch"
  • Reynold Alberti, aka "Randy"
  • Vincent Terracciano, aka "Big Vinny"
  • Joseph Tomanelli, aka "Joe"
  • Agostino Camacho, aka "Augie"
  • Nicholas Devito, aka "Nicky"
  • Anthony Cassetta, "Tony the Cripple"
  • Nicholas Vuolo, "Nicky the Wig"
  • Bradford Wedra
  • Michael Poli, aka "Mike Polio"
  • Pasquale Capolongo, aka "Patsy," aka "Pat C.," aka "Mustache Pat," aka "Fish"
  • Anthony Depalma, aka "Harpo," aka "Harp"
  • John Tognino, aka "Tugboat"
  • Mark Maiuzzo, aka "Stymie"
  • Joseph Dimarco
  • Harold Thomas, aka "Harry"
  • Richard Lacava, aka "Richie"
  • Vincent Thomas, aka "Vinny"
  • Anthony Camisa, aka "Anthony the Kid"
  • Frank Trapani, aka "Harpo"
  • Anthony Cirillo
  • Carmine Gallo
  • Joseph Falco, aka "Joe Cub"
  • Francesco Depergola, aka "Frank"
  • Ralph Santaniello
  • Laurence Keith Allen, aka "Keith Allen"
  • Craig Bagon
  • Bradley Sirkin, aka "Brad"
  • Wayne Kreisberg
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