NYPD: Burglary suspect shot by police in Maspeth, Queens

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MASPETH, Queens — Police shot and wounded a burglary suspect in Queens Monday afternoon after the homeowner alerted police when she saw the crime taking place on a remote home surveillance camera -- the equivalent to a nanny cam, Chief Robert K. Boyce said in a press conference.

The NYPD responded to the two-story residence at 66th Street and Hull Avenue in the Maspeth section of Queens around 1:30 p.m.

As the whole scene unfolded, the incident was captured on another camera, on the smartphone of a teen who lives across the street. That video evidence may end up helping to convict the suspect, who police describe as a career criminal.

When police arrived, the woman, who is a resident of the first floor apartment met them outside.

"The cops come in," said eyewitness Michael Morris, 18. He watched the situation unfold, recording it on his smartphone the entire time.

"As soon as she exits," he said, "a gunshot rings out."

Once police gained entry to the home, a struggle ensued and the officer discharged his weapon, striking the 38-year-old suspect once in the groin. The suspect then fled the scene and police chased him on foot, apprehending him about a block away.

"He had gloves on and half of a mask," said Morris's father, Roy Johnston, 43, who'd just pulled up in his car in front of their house when everything went down.

"He went right past my car," Johnston told PIX11 News. "[I'd] heard the shot. I ducked down. The guy ran right past me."

The suspect, 38, has an extensive record of prior burglaries. Police say he might be behind a series of burglaries in the neighborhood over the last week.

He was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital where he is listed as being in stable condition.

The New York Police Department said a 36-year-old woman was also wounded during the encounter. The woman, who was initially suspected of being shot, was found nearby in a driveway with a laceration to her head.

She was transported to Elmhurst Hospital and after a surgical procedure, they discovered a piece of wire cable under her scalp. Officials say pieces of the same cable were found in the backyard of the house that was burglarized. She is listed in stable condition.

The woman is being interviewed by detectives in an effort to determine how she may have sustained her injury.

It was not immediately clear if the woman was a bystander or involved in the burglary.