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Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake accuses NYPD officer of using excessive force

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CLAREMONT VILLAGE, The Bronx –  A Bronx assemblyman filed a complaint against the NYPD after an officer used "excessive force" on him on Saturday.

Assemblyman Michael Blake told the NYTimes, while attending a family gathering the Gouverneur Morris Houses, he saw a woman in handcuffs and approached the officers involved about it. In the moments that followed, a confrontation escalated behind him, leading to his physical encounter with a police officer.

Blake, who represents part of the South Bronx, explained in a statement:

"I was involved in the an incident with an NYPD officer who used excessive force against me and slamming me against a gate while I was attempting to diffuse a tense situation between police and members in my community."

The NYPD said Blake approached a sergeant from behind and put his hand on his shoulder without identifying himself. The officer thought the sergeant was being threatened and moved Blake out-of-the-way, according to the NYPD.

While the officer apologized, Blake said it fell short of "acknowledgement of fault," according to the Times. He proceeded with a formal notice at the Civilian Complain Review Board, believing the excessive force was due in part because of his race.

"Because I believe in standing up to injustice, I decided to file a complain against the officer and speak about the incident," he said. "It is important to fight for transparency and accountability so I can't remain silent on this critical issue of justice."