Donald Trump supporters crash pro-Bernie Sanders rally outside Democratic National Convention

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PHILADELPHIA—A small group of Donald Trump supporters crashed a pro-Bernie Sanders rally outside of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday.

The group of about 10 - 15 supporters held a Trump sign and heralded the businessman as a leader whose vision should be commended.

“I feel that they’ve slanted the things he’s said and painted him as a racist. I believe he wants to create opportunity for all people,” said one Trump supporter who declined to provide his name.

A demonstrator in the Sanders rally alleged one of the Trump supporters inappropriately grabbed a transgender woman.

The man accused said the woman “tried to set him on fire.”

Later that evening, seven protesters who breached the outer perimeter fence surrounding the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia were arrested, the Secret Service said.

The protesters got into the Secret Service designated zone, by pushing the gates police pushed back against them.

The seven arrested were dressed in all black and had their faces covered.

They were arrested and have been taken to the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center, where they're expected to be charged with entering a restricted area.

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