Crowds gather to watch smelly corpse flower bloom at NY Botanical Garden

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THE BRONX – What looks perfectly neat and clean, does not make a sound - but smells like death?

Here’s a hint - not your dark pair of used gym socks but a wonderful botanical beauty at the New York Botanical Garden.

Her name? Get ready for this one - Amorphapallus Titanum. But you can call her the "corpse flower."

Marc Hachadourian of the Bronx Botanical Garden is watching over the feature attraction, which is set to bloom over the next several hours and emit a smell so horrendous, it mimics death itself.

“Scientifically, the fragrance has the same chemical compounds as that would be present in rotting meat, rotting fish, uh, and even feces. So it’s really quite pungent,” Hachadourian said.

The first thing you have to understand about the corpse Flower is - it takes a really long time for it to bloom.

Not months, but a decade or longer.

A corpse flower last bloomed in Brooklyn in 2007 and as documented in an old New York Times article, it hasn’t bloomed here in the Bronx - since 1939.

This time lapse video from the Chicago Botanical Garden shows you how the base of the six to ten foot tall plant - opens up.

This plant’s emulation of death is no accident.

Its burgundy interior - looks like rotting flesh.

The plant even heats itself up to ninety-eight degrees - like warm, newly decaying corpse.

“It really is one of the great marvels of the biological world, in my opinion,” said Hachadourian.

This corpse flower is so popular, it even attracts Pokémon.

“So i felt like this was the perfect opportunity,” Melissa Deri said.

Did you really think we were going to file this story without getting in a Pokémon reference?

“And i was lucky enough to catch the Magikarp - which is a fish Pokémon, right in the point surrounding the corpse flower,” Deri added.

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