SEE IT: Bernie Sanders moved to tears as brother Larry Sanders casts vote for him at DNC

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PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders was brought to tears when his brother, Larry Sanders, cast the Democrats Abroad delegation's votes in favor of the senator during the Democratic National Convention roll call Tuesday evening.

"I want to read before this convention the names of our parents: Eli Sanders and Dorothy Glassberg Sanders," said Sanders, who lives in the United Kingdom. "They did not have easy lives and they died young. They would be immensely proud of their son and his accomplishments. They loved him."

The senator from Vermont began to visibly tear up as his brother invoked the memory of their parents.

"It is with enormous pride that I cast my vote for Bernie Sanders," Sanders said, giving his brother 10 votes from American Abroad. His competitor Hillary Clinton received 7.

It was one of many notable moments during Tuesday night's roll call in which the Democrats officially nominated Clinton to be their presidential candidate, making her the first woman to top a major U.S. party ticket.

Sanders, who sparked a veritable movement and ran a tight race with Clinton, called on his supporters and all Democrats to rally behind their nominee, waiting to speak until the end of the roll call to throw his support behind Clinton.

But despite his urging for party unity, a contingent of his supporters -- often dubbed "Bernie or Bust" -- stormed out of the Wells Fargo Arena.

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