Taxi apps to launch new ride sharing service this month

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NEW YORK — Soon, taxi riders will be able to book a taxi using the same technology that other ride sharing apps use.

A partnership between Bandwagon, a taxi sharing app, and Arro, a free app that lets users book taxi rides, will make this an easy travel option starting this month.

This combination of technologies allows passengers to hail and pay for rides more efficiently, and gives taxi passengers the ability to ride share, according to a news release.

It will also be easier to split fares and pay for your portion of the ride.

Riders will be able to use the Bandwagon app at NYC airports this month to link their taxi rides with their taxi meter and pay drivers directly for the metered portion of their shared ride.

By the end of the year, riders will be able to request shared rides anytime, anywhere throughout the city, and will be able to easily split fares with other riders using both Bandwagon and Arro.

This means that riders will be able to request a taxi ride even during peak times and inclement weather and in crowded areas.

Bandwagon will also expand service to Newark and Penn Station by September of this year, according to a news release.

Last year, The Wall Street Journal declared Arro the winner when it comes to quicker arrival times in a side-by-side comparison with Uber.