Final day of RNC filled with anticipation leading up to Donald Trump’s pivotal speech

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CLEVELAND -- Whether it's downtown Cleveland or 35 miles away in Medinah, there was anticipation on the final day of the RNC Convention.

There is no doubt that the most pivotal speech in Donald Trump's political career is attracting much interest. There will be millions from both sides of the aisle watching to evaluate the Queens native as he addresses the the convention.

There are some as we have come across hoping for what they describe as a speech filled with "real change" while others expect the same rhetoric of past politicians.

However, as they anticipate the speech, so does law enforcement. The first four days have been primarily uneventful with the exception of Wednesday's highly emotional flag burning that resulted in a chaotic scene resulting in 17 arrests.

On Thursday, Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Wayne Drummond, who has been in a white shirt and slacks all week, decided to hop on a police bike for the final day.

When asked by PIX11 News if anything has been different, Deputy Chief Drummond simply responded, "No it's pretty much the type of crowd we expected."

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