Demonstrators arrested over flag burning in only heated moment of RNC thus far

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CLEVELAND -- On Wednesday there were extremely tense moments at the doorstep of the Republican National Convention as demonstrators lit an American flag on fire at the convention's entrance.

The day was by far was most active for demonstrations with more than one dozen arrests.

There is no question that Cleveland had a different kind of face to it on Wednesday. Sure there were young children and adults dressed in red, white, and blue costumes as well as selfie moments and even cops giving hugs, but the soundtrack of the streets was much more demonstrative as it was vocal.

MI GENTE, a recently formed Latino group that has been critical of Donald Trump marched throughout Cleveland creating a wall around the convention.

However, as they walked through the streets, so did Sean Witte, a former marine and Trump supporter. PIX11 News first met Witte 48 hours ago in the midst of another anti-Trump protest.

Nearly 48 hours later he admitted the expectations of demonstrations going into Cleveland have been different from reality, "It's been very peaceful. I expected Black Lives Matter and groups like that, anti-Trump groups to be very hostile towards me but that hasn't been the case at all."

Ed Tomba, Deputy Chief with Homeland Security for the convention, told PIX 11 News, "We are very happy. We think this is the way it works."

While there has been a void of unrest the first two days, Tomba is quick to point out, "The week is far from over."

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