Beauty savings hacks

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Less is more when it comes to makeup. Women typically buy two to three times more than they need or use. Here are easy ways to save on your beauty routine.

• DIY makeup dupe: take eyeshadow you don’t use, add it to clear nail polish and voila, your own signature nail color. And to extend the life of any nailpolish, add a few drops of remover.
• Instead of buying expensive primer, try using monistat chafing gel from any drugstore. It has the same key ingredients as expensive primers and does the same job for a fraction of the price.
• Products for women can cost up to 50% more, so go for the men’s version of a product when you can: shaving cream, antiperspirant, pain reliever, eye revitalizer, body wash and razor blades.
o Gender price discrimination happens so much that some people don’t realize it’s illegal. It’s just another marketing tool to suck more money out of us.

Less is more. Women buy 2-3 times more makeup than they need. And women who wear makeup daily absorb about 5 pounds of makeup chemicals a year through their skin. Using multi-purpose products results in less layers of product you slather onto your face.
o BB or CC Creams-- all in one sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation.
 Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm, Color Correcting, Correcting Creme
o Lip liner + lipgloss in one
o Cheek/lip color in one
o Eyebrow/eyeshadow/eyeliner
o All natural 4/5-in-1 products: witch hazel tones skin, relieves itches, bug bites, and cools sunburns. Coconut oil detangles hair, fights frizz, removes eye makeup...and baking soda can clean just about anything, whitens teeth, repels insects and 50 other things too.