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Car, home festering in Flushing after resident dies

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FLUSHING, Queens – After a Queens resident died, her home and car were abandoned. Neighbors have been complaining for more than a decade about the raccoons, mosquitos and trashed cars at the property and say the city has done nothing to fix the problem – until PIX11 News stepped in.

Sen. Tony Avella reached out to us about the ditched home, saying it’s an emergency that keeps getting ignored.

“This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever come across…” Avella said. “Every time I get the city to issue a violation, it ends up in a mailbox and it’s address to a dead person…”

Neighbors said the scene is disgusting, scary and a health concern. In 2014, a fire broke out at the property. Then the cars left behind were trashed with piles of newspaper dating back years. Then the raccoons moved in. Then the mosquitos.

Until now, nothing has been done to fix the issue. But on Wednesday the city said it’s going to remove the abandoned car – a step in the direction neighbors so desperately want.

“The Law Department has filed a motion in Surrogates Court to have a temporary administrator appointed who would be able to give the City permission to remove the cars,” City Hall spokesman Austin Finan said in a statement.

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