Jay Z releases song in wake of recent tragedies

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NEW YORK — Rapper Jay Z released a new single Thursday titled “Spiritual” in light of recent tragic events.

Jay Z posted a statement on his Facebook page and on Tidal, the streaming service he started last year.

He said he began writing the song “a while ago” after the death of Mike Brown, but didn’t get to finish it.

“This issue will always be relevant,” his statement reads. “I’m hurt that I knew his death wouldn’t be the last.”

He goes on to say he’s “saddened and disappointed in THIS America – we should be further along. WE ARE NOT.”

Earlier in the week, his wife Beyoncé devoted the homepage of her website to the memory of those lost to police brutality. Her statement is still online as well.

“We are going to stand up as a community and fight against anyone who believes that murder or any violent action by those who are sworn to protect us should consistently go unpunished,” her statement reads.

During a concert in Glasgow, Scotland this week, Beyoncé held a moment of silence while a screen displayed the names of those who had been killed by police.

Jay Z’s “Spiritual” can be heard on his streaming service Tidal.