NYPD orders no solo patrols ‘until further notice’ in wake of Dallas attacks

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NEW YORK — The NYPD is stepping up security for its officers in the wake of the attack on Dallas police.

The nation's largest police department said on Friday it's using additional foot posts and other measures to protect precinct station houses around the city. It's also telling officers to be extra vigilant while on patrol.

"They're feeling a lot right now and their families are feeling a lot of fear," Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the department.

There are no specific threats against New York's police force, and the steps are strictly a precaution, the department said.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Friday that officers will be doubled up until further notice.

"Additionally, our auxiliary police officers who are unarmed, with the exception of the nightsticks they carry, also will not be utilized in the field for the next several days as we get a full understanding of the circumstances in Dallas," said Bratton.

Police heightened security Thursday night during a demonstration in Union Square where 37 people were arrested.

Gunmen in Dallas killed five officers and wounded seven others on Thursday during a protest over fatal police shootings of black men.

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