Neighbors saw no warning before couple’s murder-suicide

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CARLSTADT, N.J. - Multiple homes on Union Street in Carlstadt are filled with families who have lived on the block for generations.

Despite knowing each other for decades, those who spoke to PIX11 said they had no idea that their neighbor was so seriously troubled.

Authorities said Scott Sabia, 45, shot his wife and himself in a four hour stand off with police on Wednesday night.

Neighbors heard the first gunshot, which went off inside the home.

It was then that Michelle Sabia, 44, allegedly told her three children to run.

A couple of the kids raced out the front door, followed by their mother. But her husband allegedly followed and shot her dead on the front lawn.

The children, aged 9, 11 and 14-years-old, scattered into neighboring homes.

The couples’ eldest son ran into the backyard. He came around the front and tried to help his mother, as his father barricaded himself inside the home.

Mickey Deleasa watched what unfolded from his neighboring stoop.

"And that’s when I realized," Deleasa said. "Cause he was crying for his mother, and his arm was bloody from his mother.”

He called out for the 14-year-old boy to run to him. Deleasa put him safely inside his home.

"I just tried to tell him don’t worry, you know things will work out. I put the TV on for him and gave him some water,” Deleasa said.

Police stationed themselves inside Deleasa’s home and positioned snipers on his roof.

The stand off ended at around 10 p.m. when Scott Sabia took his own life inside the home.

Photos posted to Facebook last summer show the couple smiling.

Michelle Sabia was a teacher at Washington Elementary School in Rutherford.

Police have never been called to the couples home for domestic violence before.

But neighbors reported that Scott Sabia had been struggling with on-and-off separations from his wife, problems with work and depression or mental illness.

Detectives removed more evidence from the home today. The investigation is ongoing.